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Hello and welcome to Highland Orchards! Come learn about fresh, local fruits and vegetables, how to store them, how to eat them, and even how to grow them. So pull up a mouse or a touch screen, and enjoy!

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CSAs 12/19/22
Small: leeks, russet potatoes, baby bok choy, escarole, carrots, radishes or daikon, rosemary, Fuji apples, and Asian pear
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purple kohlrabi
This month's obsession
You ever get focused on something, ignoring several other same somethings?
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How do I start my own farm? (and make money)
There are as many different types of farms as there are farmers. Thus, while there are some similarities among farms, each farm has a different rhythm and its own set of crazy times....
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whole celery roots in the background with a sliced wedge of one on top
CSA shares the week of December 12, 2022
This is a list of what will be in the CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – shares this week. You can learn more about the CSA here, and you can sign up and manage your account here....
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George, the peacock, is wearing a santa hat and yelling "order your desserts!" In red lettering, the options are " Cream cheese cake rolls: red velvet, chocolate, and pumpkin. Pies: apple, blueberry, cherry, peach, pecan, pumpkin, very berry"
Plant tulips while it's slightly less muddy
Sometimes weather and procrastination seem to conspire against you and the tulips that should have been planted 2 months ago... weren't
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What can you grow on a small farm for extra profit?
Small farms can struggle when pitted against large farms. Economy of scale definitely favors larger farms. Small farms can be very competitive in other areas, however...
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Is Community Supported Agriculture a Good Fit for My Farm?
You have heard a lot about Community Supported Agriculture and how it is a great way to sell your produce.
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December 2022
It's December and nobody asked if I was ready!
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a line of 3 green kohlrabi growing in the ground. Each has a round bulb with thick stems coming out of it for the leaves above.
CSAs the week of December 5th, 2022
This is a list of what we will be putting in the CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – shares this week. You can learn more about the CSA here, and you can sign up and...
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