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Hello and welcome to Highland Orchards! Come learn about fresh, local fruits and vegetables, how to store them, how to eat them, and even how to grow them. So pull up a mouse or a touch screen, and enjoy!

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Freshly turned field with a large blue bucket, a green ladder on its side, and 2 rows of baby kale with a string running down the middle for straightness
Making progress on the work in progress
Projects always seem to take longer than you plan. And sometimes you just have to work in, around, and under the work-in-progress.
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field of daikon radishes
Can you make money farming on one acre?
Yes! You can make money farming on one acre. Strategy is required to pick the best crops for your ground and your market.
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apples, green, fruits-1592588.jpg
CSAs the week of November 28, 2022
Lots of yums in the shares this week: onions, acorn squash, baby bok choy, spinach or swiss chard or kale, carrots, broccoli or cauliflower, cilantro, Asian pears, and granny smith...
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a small ditch - about 5 inches deep - dug along the length of a greenhouse
Another sappy Thanksgiving email
We have to do it. We have to thank our customers. They are just that awesome.
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green field
How to Start a Small Farm with Little Money
Is it possible to start growing without a whole lot of money? Yes, it is. It requires creative thinking and paying attention to details.
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CSAs week of 11/21/2022
Small share: sweet potatoes, cranberries, cauliflower, baby Bok choy, boson or red leaf lettuce, brussels, Asian pears, Gala apples, thyme Large share: sweet potatoes, cranberries,...
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cilantro going to flower in November
Cilantro thinks it's summer
It may be cold outside and for all the other plants. But cilantro is going to flower when cilantro wants to flower.
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lettuce and pawpaw trees
How do you make a small family farm profitable?
In order to make a small family farm profitable, you need to farm intensively and you need to be able to sell intensively in a good-priced market.
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hd wallpaper, butternut, pumpkin-2334941.jpg
CSAs week of 11/14/2022
Small share: cauliflower, baking potatoes, cranberries, garlic, spinach, leeks, Asian pears, Honey crisp apples, sage Large share: cauliflower, baking potatoes, cranberries, garlic,...
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