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looking down on basil growing; the leaves take up the whole image

Why is my basil dying?

It is frustrating when your basil plant starts to die. Here are some tricks that we have learned through growing basil on our family farm.

a purple bowl of cream with purple flowers floating on top and a green handled spoon

What are Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are flowers which are safe for people to eat. They have been used for thousands of years for meal presentation and medicinal needs.

small jar of salve surrounded by yellow flowers, a jar of oil, and an open chapstick

Making Herbal Salves

We still use herbal salves today because they are a gentle yet powerful approach to treating dry skin, scrapes, and itching rashes.

basil bush basil, thyme, herbs-5332038.jpg

Growing a Culinary Herb Garden at Home

Herbs make your food taste good and also offer many health benefits. You can plant them in almost any location, so use your imagination and try different places to grow them in or around your home.

looking down on cilantro

Why does cilantro bolt?

It seems like cilantro should be an easy herb to grow. It sprouts up quickly from seed, it grows, and then… it bolts! What happened?