Caldo Verde Soup

Ingredients: 2 pounds ground sausage (or link, sliced) 2 cups diced onion 2 cups diced potatoes 2 cups diced green bell peppers 1 cup diced carrot 2 tablespoons minced garlic […]

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Sweet Corn Risotto

Ingredients: ½ cup diced white onion½ onion, rough chopped (for stock)2 bay leaves2 cloves garlic, whole4 ears fresh sweet corn, remove corn from cobs and reserve cobs½ tablespoon minced garlic2

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Zesty Fridge Pickles

Zesty Homemade Refrigerator Pickles Take advantage of your bumper crops of cucumbers and make refrigerator pickles! No canning equipment required!  Ingredients: 1 lb. Kirby or Persian cucumbers2 large cloves garlic,

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