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Because one should never appreciate what they have (strawberries) and should instead clamor for what they don’t have, we have been side-eyeing the sweet cherries and the blueberries (a watched plant never grows, so you want to be discreet in your eyeing. And yes, I am joking. You should always appreciate what you have… but it’s okay to also want more).

The blueberries are looking beautiful.

And the sweet cherries are starting to get color! Fingers crossed we’ll be picking them in a couple weeks.

The sweet cherries haven’t set fruit as well as we’d like/expect the last few years. Matt thinks it’s a pollination issue, so, unfortunately, we’re going to have to get more sweet cherry varieties planted.

I know, I know. MORE cherries to eat. Such a hardship. But we just have to endure πŸ˜‰

Have you seen an asparagus flower? They are the cutest little things on the big, tall weedy-looking plants.

Matt wants to know what cut flowers he should plant. We’re planning out the last little bit of the cut flower field (where people will be able to cut their own), and the debate is should the last bit be all sunflowers, or sunflowers and something else. Which is a hard decision! Sunflowers are awesome but more flowers is awesomer. But if you have more kinds of flowers, then you have less sunflowers! Such hard decisions.

We’ve got calendula, cosmos, dahlia, lisianthus, and snapdragons already planted here

So what do you think? Just sunflowers (of various colors)? Or add in some marigolds (tall ones)? Or bachelor buttons (I got some “black” ones)? Gomphrena (peach and salmon, just sayin’)? Ageratum (not just “blue” – why is it “blue” when it is clearly purple. Ugh. Rant for another day. – but white and red)? Zinnias (I like the cactus zinnias but Ruth says normal people like the normal zinnias. Good thing I already knew I was weird!)?

(I’m not sure I used enough parentheses in that last paragraph….)

Some of the “normal” zinnias. Plus some that have been snacked on in the back. Grrrr.

Events I Think Sound Cool

​Tree Selections for Delaware. May 22. Bear Library.

​Dragons Do What it Takes: A Live Animal Program. May 25. Route 9 Library.

Seasonal Inspiration

​Strawberry Salsa​

​Roasted Cauliflower Salad​

​Sauteed Garlicky Cabbage​

​Turkey Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes​

​Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells​


Happy Eating!



PS: Matt says if anyone comments on the weeds growing in your garden, just say they’re a green mulch. Now, instead of the garden getting away from you, you are actually helping to protect and enrich the soil.

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