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What Is a CSA?

I’m glad you asked! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is just one of the many ways customers who believe in “real food” can support a farmer.
You get what is being harvested each week. It changes from week to week and season to season. And year to year. Some years, the weather defeats us and you may not get a certain crop. Other years, there might be an abundant crop of strawberries and you get extra!
But a CSA is not the only way to get fresh, local produce from our farm to your table.
It’s best to go into the decision with your eyes wide open, and see if your expectations match the experience that a CSA will give you.


Support Your Health & Your Community

Our farm fresh produce appeals to your taste buds and supports your busy life. Let us be part of your eco-friendly vision for a healthier neighborhood. Join a community with the shared goal of providing healthy fuel for your body. Choose Highland Orchards to:

Enjoy Fresh, Seasonal Produce

Taste the difference of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, harvested at their peak ripeness for maximum flavor and nutrition.

Flexibility to Work With Your Schedule

It’s easy to pick up your share, have fresh produce in the house, no need to commit to a whole year, and then you can eat fresh, eat local, eat well!

Build Community

Meet like-minded people who value good food, a clean environment, and community wellness when you support our family farm.

Learn & Grow

Participate in courses and receive information about the growing process, cooking techniques, and the importance of sustainable agriculture.

A World of Farm-Fresh Flavors FOR You

Are you longing for a healthier lifestyle focused on farm-fresh, nutritional produce that supports the local community? Embrace the value of Highland Orchards’ Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program!

You’ll savor the taste of farm-grown fruits and vegetables, free from harmful chemicals while enjoying the convenience of online shopping, flexible curbside pickup, and local delivery options. Sign up today and dive into a vibrant world of delightful flavors, ultimately crafting a fulfilling balance in your life with our unparalleled service.

CSA Options

Flowers, Vegetables, & Fruit

The Highland Orchards CSA farm in Wilmington, Delaware grows fruits and vegetables in all four seasons and is operational year-round. Every week, you can look forward to a colorful and diverse mix of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more.

Veggies & Fruit

Weekly and bi-weekly harvest of 6-9 vegetables, 1-2 fruits and herbs.

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Fruit Only

Weekly or bi-weekly selection of 1-4 different fresh fruits.

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Choose between the chicken share or the trio meat option for monthly pick up, about 10-12 pounds each time.

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Weekly and bi-weekly bouquets of fresh-cut, seasonal flowers.

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Other Ways to Get Locally Farmed Produce & More

If the CSA farm share doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, no worries. You can still get fresh, local fruits and vegetables while supporting a local farm. Shop in-store or shop online:

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