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What is a CSA???

I'm glad you asked!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is just one of the many ways customers who believe in “real food” can support a farmer.
You get what is being harvested each week. It changes from week to week and season to season. And year to year. Some years, the weather defeats us and you may not get a certain crop. Other years, there might be an abundant crop of strawberries and you get extra!
But a CSA is not the only way to get fresh, local produce from our farm to your table.
It’s best to go into the decision with your eyes wide open, and see if your expectations match the experience that a CSA will give you.
To help you decide if a CSA is right for you, and before you sign up for this commitment to our specific farm, ask yourself these 6 questions….
1. Do you want to support a local farm?

2. Do you value fresh, quality ingredients?

3. Are you going to be out of town a lot?

4. Do you need control over your menu planning?

5. Are you willing to try new foods (For real)

6. Are you willing to waste some food? (What???)

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Is a CSA right for me?

1. Do you want to support a local farm? Is the relationship to the farm important to you?

We find again and again that the number one reason for joining a CSA is to support a local farm. After all, a farm in your neighborhood is a good thing!
CSA members’ motivation for supporting the farm is just as much about having the back of the farmer, as it is about getting the full financial value of their share. Your decision to be a loyal member is what makes your local food producers resilient.
But this relationship goes both ways. When you join a CSA, your farmer will make an attempt to cultivate a connection with you, too. This means we learn your names and work hard to make the CSA feel like a community. We try to add value to your life by teaching you about our farm’s story or sharing how to prepare the food.

2. Do you value fresh, quality ingredients?

Taste matters to you. You know putting together a delicious meal in your kitchen doesn’t just come down to cooking skills.
It starts with quality ingredients.
The second most important quality of a CSA member is that they love quality food.
CSAs are all about providing high-quality, fresh vegetables and fruit that make your home dining experience feel like a special event every night.

3. Are you going to be out of town a lot?

Our CSA allows you to put your subscription “on hold,” but you have to remember to do it 3 days ahead of time! You can also have someone else pick up your share or we can donate to Emmanuel Dining Room or the Food Bank of Delaware.
We ask you to think about your circumstances before you sign up. Is your chosen pick up site and day convenient? Is your life too busy to fit this in right now? It might be better to order “a la carte” from our online store or shop in the market based on your availability.
CSAs are designed for people who can make that regular commitment.

4. Do you need control over your menu planning?

CSA members learn to be flexible with their menu and make things work in the kitchen, because you often don’t know what you will get in your box until a few days before the pick up.
Some people love the spontaneity. Others will be stressed by it. Which one are you?
Think hard on this. Are you willing to give up some control over your meal plan?
CSA works best for customers who see their kitchen as a creative space, and our vegetables as the “paint” for their canvas. Can you go with the flow?

5. Are you willing to try new foods? (Really)

A CSA will push you to try new foods and explore variety in your kitchen.
You will discover new veggies and new fruits that you love, but you’ll probably also get a few that you “tolerate.”
Look, let’s face it. We know that if left to your own devices, you would never purposely put a kohlrabi or a persimmon in your box. Or would you? If you would, then you will definitely click with a CSA.
It’s all part of the goal in CSA on developing food diversity and teaching our community and our kids how to eat seasonally again.

6. Are you willing to waste some food? What???

It takes a while to get used to eating the CSA way.
Many of our customers say it took them 2-3 seasons before they learned how to consistently use the box’s full contents. The first year, you can waste a lot as you learn the ropes.
It’s why we recommend starting with the small share or every other week. You can always switch to weekly or to a Large share.

“The CSA has introduced my family to veggies that I never would have bought at the store, and I learned that we liked them! It helped me become more creative in my cooking.”

See all the CSA options!

If you answered YES! to those questions, then a CSA may be right for you. See our different share sizes, pick up locations, and add-ons (mmmm, honey) available.

A CSA isn't right for me...

If the CSA doesn't sound like it'd be a good fit for you, no worries. You can still get fresh, local fruits and vegetables! And support a local farm! Shop in-store or shop online: --> --> -->

Shop in-person

Stop by our farm market - located on the farm - and buy what you want when you want. We've got local in-season yummies as well as dry goods, baked goods (apple cider donuts anyone?), and more. Open Tue-Fri 9-6, and 9-5 on Sat. Closed Sun & Mon.

Shop online

Sometimes you don't have time to browse the aisles or you have a kiddo under the weather. Whatever your reason, you can do your shopping online! You can choose to either come in the store, do curbside, or get your order delivered!

So... what kind of CSA shares are there?

Veggies with Fruit

The Original share – mostly veggies with a little fruit.
In the SMALL share you will get approximately 6 types of vegetables, 1 herb, and 1 type of fruit
The LARGE share will have about 9 vegetables, 1-2 herbs, and 1-2 types of fruit

Fruit Only

The FRUIT ONLY share is just that – only fruit! Strawberries, blueberries, peaches, raspberries, persimmons, apples, pears, and so on. Each week is different.
The Fruit Only share has 1-4 types of fruit.
meat, knife, poultry-6054511.jpg


For the meat-lovers!
The CHICKEN ONLY share is approximately 12 lbs of chicken (whole and parts combined)
The TRIO share has approximately 12 lbs total of three kinds of meat – always chicken and beef with pork and lamb rotating as available.


A subscription dedicated to fresh flowers! 

Each week you will get a gorgeous farm bouquet for your table – or to give to someone! 


Did you know you can add extra items to your share? Eggs and honey are the two most popular items but you can add extra apples, green beans, and potatoes too.

Yes! I want to sign up for a CSA!

Or at least look more at the choices and pick up locations

What Our CSA Members Say

We love the farm and the delicious food.
You've never lived until you've tried a local, in-season peach.
Your broccoli is SO delicious. I swear it has this buttery taste to it.