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We have a couple fun notebooks made. One is covered with fruits and vegetables inside and out. The other has a farm girl and her pet skunk with simple lined pages (and some small skunks) inside. 

Continuing the skunk theme, we’re in the process of finalizing a kids book, based in 1936 and on true events. (There are several other kids books in the pipeline, but this one is at the end stages of illustration right now). 

And we are in the midst of editing a book on fruit that is easy to grow, making them profitable crops for farmers and an inexpensive addition for homesteaders and backyard gardeners. 

More is coming, but those are the ones we’re willing to admit to so far! Check back for publishing updates… we’re going to need some ARC readers!




About Ruth

I am the 6th generation of my family to farm here at Highland Orchards in Delaware. I grew up here, learning from my grandparents and parents how to plant, weed, harvest, and store fruits, vegetables, and flowers. My graduate degree is in history, so I love to research anything and everything. I have taught at all levels, including university and continuing education. I have done everything on the farm from planting to harvest to selling to social media. I love that I can share knowledge with people through books, blogs, and courses.