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It’s easy for the scallions and celery leaf to encourage Frosty in his wish for snow; they’re tucked in a nice heated tunnel.

The outside kale and chard are definitely giving those scallions and celery leaf the side eye.

It’s HARD to grow when it’s cold and windy. Add in snow and they just go to sleep.

And the chard has worked so hard on its little top growth this winter

The pansies are being uppity and telling the chard that only they, the magnificent flower pansies, can have eyes. The chard responded that they can do whatever they want. So there! And besides, the pansies are all cushy in a heated tunnel while this planting of chard is out in the weather.

Sigh. Fortunately, all the other plants were getting along today.

The gladiolas are even making the best of their situation. A new bed was laid that is just chock full of compost and the semi-dormant glads were transplanted about 4 feet from their old bed to the new one. Did they throw a hissy fit? Nope. They wiggled their little bulbs in a happy dance and are sending up lots of shoots.

Fresh compost was then put down where the “old” glads were… and where new glads will be too!

You can’t always control what happens, but you can control your attitude.

The new glad bed is in the foreground with the trellis netting; The trellis will help the plants grow straight. In the background is the old glad bed (with a lone glad we let stay put so that it could flower). And no, the dirt isn’t dark because it’s wet, it’s because it is super rich, high in organic matter compost.

And lastly, we have scheduled a couple winter tunnel tours at the end of January.

So if you think my pictures are kind of sus, here’s your chance to see in person that I do not have Photoshop skills, despite how realistic the eyes on the chard looked. I suspect most of the weeds will be gone, and the tools may even be cleaned up for the tour, so you will still have to continue to take my word on some things!

Or if you want to find out from Matt what really goes on in the hydroponics house.

Or hear from Ruth about the challenges that winter brings (and no, it’s not just colder temperatures).

Then here’s your chance. A 75 minute tour of our 5 heated tunnels (yes, that includes the hydroponics) on January 29th at 10 am or 1 pm. Limited spots so you must buy your ticket ahead of time. $20.

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