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It is so exciting this time of year to see sticks start looking like live sticks not dead sticks.

One of the sticks we find most exciting is when the fig cuttings start to show their green.

Look at how in-focus that is! Oh yeah, oh yeah, I am so talented insert happy dance. The working-on-becoming-a-tree stick is also doing a good job growing. Good job stick.

One of the perennial flowers breaking dormancy. I don’t know what kind. You might. But I don’t. All I know is it was a stick with dead flower heads on top and now it’s a stick with dead flower heads on top and green leaves.

And whatever this is is popping some green too. A bramble of some sort maybe?

We’re getting some new red and black raspberry plants this year, but I don’t think this is them. There were only a few of these plants and we’re putting in a new field of the new raspberry plants, soooo… more than 6 plants.

And the next time you have an early morning staff meeting, remember, you’re not alone. Everyone has to suffer through meetings.

The chickens have staff meetings at all times of the day, discussing many things that really could have been covered just as well in a gossip cluck. This early-morning meet seemed to be mandatory for the higher-ups. The underlings were of course nearby though, eavesdropping.

You probably noticed the lack of mud, and yes, this meeting was earlier this week, not today. But you get to see the end result of the meeting today.

Don’t let their calm demeanor fool you. This was quite a heated meeting.

There were boks being thrown all around; some even had to leave the meeting to for a scratching session to calm down! But despite the opposition’s ruffled feathers, they finally came to a decision.

What was all the squawking about you may ask? Well, they were determining if we should raise a niche crop.

Some clucked it couldn’t be done. Some growled it was a silly idea. And yet, the supporters persevered.

May I present, farm-grown boots!

Now, I was dubious myself, but look at those beauties! So tall. And strong! Plus, that was only like 4 days to maturity! You can’t get that from any other crop.

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