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Anyone else go out and give the road a pat and a “That’a road!” for denying most of the snow from sticking to it? No? Just me? You’re weird then. If I could’ve given the road a cookie and a sticker for a good job, I would’ve.

The parking lot at the farm had some slushy stuff, but it was way better than 4″, or however much snow we got.

All in all, this was a pretty perfect snowstorm: lots of snow in yards to play in, lots of snow on trees to look at (but it’s light snow, so trees aren’t coming down left and right), and almost no snow on the roads and driveways. It was picture-perfect.

Another picture-perfect snow on the farm: painting done by Rachel Webster around 1940. This is the front of the barn, back when it was still utilized as a dairy barn. The part that is now the store was the milking parlor.

And the tunnels did their job (or we did the job right when building them), and the snow is sliding right off.

Snow can be heavy, so it’s important to get the angles right and the plastic tight enough. Otherwise, you risk not just the plastic breaking, but the whole structure caving in. Been there, done that, would give zero stars if we could.

This happened in 2010. You can see the bows have collapsed in. Unfortunately, we had several tunnels collapse that year. The plastic had to be replaced, the poles had to be replaced, many plants died. All in all, not a good time. But we learned our lesson and have built better tunnels since then.

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