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Hey… ho…. the tulips are starting to grow!

Both in the crates in the heated tunnel and in the ground in the unheated tunnel, there are little tulip tips starting to poke through.

Even though intellectually I know snapdragons and calendula are cold hardy, it’s still amazing to see them continue to grow and bloom (albeit slowly) in the winter. If I were them, I’d be long gone. Forget frost tender, I’d be outta there if the nights were below 40. Good thing the snaps and calendula have a better work ethic than me.

Parsley is also another cold-hardy plant. If you’re frustrated with your parsley in the summer, just grow it in the winter. It’ll have a blast. It won’t go to seed. And, most importantly, you can make all your neighbors jealous about the greenery in your yard.

Isn’t it gorgeous?! Just so big and fluffy! Boot for scale, not just ’cause you should admire my pink boots, although you certainly can.

We don’t have any parsley plants for sale right now, but we do have a few mint plants. I have an amazing, unique skill of being able to kill mint in my yard (No, for reals, I have planted mint every year for the last three years, and it always dies within a couple months). It’s ok, you can be jealous. If your mint-killing skills aren’t as good as mine, you can grow mint as an indoor plant, saving you from risking turning your grass lawn into a mint lawn.

Plus it just smells good.

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