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A perk of being a small farm is we can be a bit more flexible in our land usage. Here we’ve got some volunteer lettuce that is simply beautiful, some dandelion that didn’t get transplanted with the rest of the dandelion, chard, kale, and baby lettuce. And it’s kinda hard to see, but far left is chard left over from this summer. And the emotional support pot; can’t forget that. How else would the plants sleep at night???

More volunteer lettuce (this time with lisianthus) in case you thought just this corner was special.

I am somewhat disappointed this year though. Normally, the scallions are planted here, there, and everywhere as a gap filler. Have an extra 2 feet at the end of a row? Scallions can go there. A spare 3 inches along the edge of a tunnel? Perfect spot for a row of scallions.

But this year, they’ve just been in nice, straight, boring full rows.

I think it’s because I always won the Where Are the Scallions Planted? game and everyone wanted a chance to win.

So the new game is I Spy. But jokes on them because I rock I Spy.

Gold turnips are awesome because they don’t have the same bitterness as regular turnips

Like, I Spy beautiful gold turnips sizing up.

And I Spy the experimenting-with-how-kohlrabi-grows-hydroponically kohlrabi starting to size up. Isn’t its little bulb so so cute?!

The sawdust is from a fresh distribution of beneficial insects. Green lacewings in this instance to beat down the aphids. We actually put out more beneficial insects in November and December than in any other month. We weren’t as on the ball last year and had an Aphid Apocalypse. Forget zombies. Being overrun with aphids is scary! It’s the stuff of nightmares.

November and December are HARD months to keep the pests and disease under control because the air is still fairly wet and wet is a perfect breeding ground for problems. Air flow definitely helps and we do have fans. But we don’t want to create a wind tunnel. Can you imagine how unhappy my hair would be if the air was consistently blowing 20-30 mph in the tunnels? Plus the plants; their happiness is important too, I guess.

Events I Think Sound Cool

Winter Solstice-Harmony Hike. White Clay Creek State Park. December 21.

Where Do Old Books Go? Kennett Library. December 27.

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Happy Eating!


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