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First things first, we will be CLOSED on Monday, July 4th.

Second things second, peaches, corn, and tomatoes are all here! The official leaders of summer! And they are all available in-store, online, and in the CSAs.

We are a corn and peaches family. Meals consisting solely of corn on the cob or peaches is the norm for us. Sometimes we cook the corn or cut up the peaches before eating them. But only sometimes 😉

Store your peaches in the fridge. To ripen them, let the peaches sit out on your counter for a day or two. And enjoy!

Early season peaches are clingstone, meaning that the flesh of the peach clings to the pit inside. They are excellent for eating. But if you want to do a lot of cooking with your peaches, wait for the freestones to come in. When ripe, the flesh of a freestone peach will break free of the pit. This makes it easy to slice and keeps waste down. Freestone peaches start mid-July.

And third things third, we will be opening up a few – just 5! – spots for the Flower Share. It’ll go live at 4 pm next Saturday, July 9th and will come down once we’re sold out. $14/bouquet. You can find the share here, but it’ll also be visible on the main CSA site so no need to re-find this email in a week.

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