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This is a list of what we will be putting in the CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – shares this week. You can learn more about the CSA here, and you can sign up and manage your account here

This post may contain affiliate links. 

SMALL: kohlrabi or cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli, red/yellow onions, red potatoes, brussels sprouts or beets, lettuce, sage, Asian pears, and mutsu apples

LARGE: the above plus kale, kabocha squash, fennel, and thyme

FRUIT ONLY: Asian pears, honeycrisp, pink lady, and golden crisp apples

TRIO: prime rib, pork chops, bacon, ground pork, chicken legs, and boneless chicken breasts

CHICKEN ONLY: whole chicken, legs, boneless breasts, and chicken sausage

Recipe ideas for some share items

Pink Beet Pancakes

Apple Bacon & Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Cream Baked Fennel

One Pot Japanese Pumpkin Curry Stew

Pork Chops with Cabbage and Apples

A bit more information on: Kohlrabi

The name says it all: kohl (cabbage) rabi (turnip). This plant was developed by crossing a cabbage with a turnip! The edible part of the plant is an enlarged section of the stem that develops just above the ground. It comes in two colors: a light green and purple bulb. It has a crisp white interior.

Storing kohlrabi

Store kohlrabi globe and leaves separately. The globe will last for 2 weeks refrigerated in a plastic bag. Wrap leaves and stalks in a plastic bag and keep in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.


Substitute kohlrabi in where recipes call for carrots, potatoes, or turnips.


Rinse under cold running water just before use. Peel the outer skin off. Trim off the remains of the stalks and root. Grate, slice, or chop as desired.

To Use

Cut raw kohlrabi bulb into sticks for a refreshing addition to a raw vegetable tray or grate it for salads. Lightly boil, steam, or bake it, or add it to stews and stir -fries. Steam kohlrabi whole 25-30 minutes or thinly sliced 5-10 minutes. Dress slices simply with oil, lemon juice, and fresh dill. Young kohlrabi leaves can be used in recipes calling for greens.

Freezing Kohlrabi

Cut into cubes or slices and blanch for 3-4 minutes. Place into ice water bath to stop the cooking. Drain and dry. Place in Ziploc freezer bag.

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