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Hi! I hope you’re staying dry-ish this rainy Saturday.

What foods am I eyeing up this week? The mint and the tomatoes. And maybe the squash. Or the cabbage. Plus blueberries and peaches. Oh and the blackberries are beautiful…. Okay, so I’m eyeing up everything. But it’s all so good!

The tomatoes are starting to come on strong now (18 cases a day strong!) and they are absolutely beautiful. You can stop by the store and purchase in person – 5 lbs for $12.50. This is for next week (July 11-16) and next week only.

This is the time of year to indulge in yummy mint drinks: mint mojito, iced mint tea, blueberry mint soda, mint lemonade, the list goes on.

I love patty pan squash. While you can use it just like regular ol’ yellow squash and zucchini, it’s a lot more fun to stuff them and eat them as flying saucers. (Side note: if you grow your own squash and always seem to get inundated, I suggest growing patty pan. You can harvest them when they’re really small and they’ll still have wonderful flavor and structure).

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