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Two months ago I shared a picture of a little little lettuce growing right next to a little tomato plant.

Said picture. Taken Feb 24, 2024

And I’m betting most people thought it was cute, but that the friendship wouldn’t last. Well, boy did those two plants prove people wrong. Not only are they besties, but they are besties that help each other be the best version of themselves that they can.

Moral of the story: get yourself a lettuce or a tomato plant for a friend.

Speaking of lettuce…. We always have a good amount of lettuce planted… everywhere… at the farm. Sometimes it’s so you can’t turn around without stepping on lettuce.

So I see a lot of lettuce. And you’d think lettuce would be lettuce would be lettuce. I’d think that. And yet whenever I see the lettuce growing that’s used for the spring mix, I just want to pinch their cheeks, because they are so stinkin’ cute.

Fortunately, I learned to keep my hands to myself as a child, so I don’t pinch them (it’s probably more fortunate that the lettuce doesn’t have cheeks to pinch). But the urge is there.

See? Like, it’s just lettuce. But oh it’s so pretty

For the last most adorable plant this week, I present: cucumbers. With itty bitty cucumbers forming on them!

Just wook at dose wittle cucumbers (baby voice required)

Events I Think Sound Cool

NinjaFit Playground Community Build. April 25. Alapocas Run State Park.

Lecture: The Great Fire of 1824. April 25. New Castle Historical Society.

Sheep & Wool. April 27. Springton Manor Farm.

Farm Day. April 27. Alapocas Run State Park.

Seasonal Inspiration

Kale Veggie Mini Frittata

Spiced Sweet Potato Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Cavatelli and Broccoli

Toffee Apple Cake

Happy Eating!


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