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We’ve got a raspberry that decided to show everyone up by ripening early (raspberries are a June thing).

Don’t worry. I ate it. And can confirm that raspberries are still delicious. (It’s a tough job taste-testing raspberries. But someone’s gotta do it).

Another ‘ahead of its time’ beauty this week – a dahlia. Dahlias are usually more of an August flower, so a May dahlia is spectacular.

Speaking of show-offs, make sure you check out George in all his feathered glory. And if all he does is shake his backside at you… welcome to the club. Put on Shake Your Groove Thing and have yourself a dance party.

The club’s name is, Is George Actually Snubbing Me, Or Is He Just Showing Off His Magnificent Rear?

Unfortunately, not all birds are as cool as George.

It took some ingenuity, but we finally figured out a high-tech solution to protect the sunflower seedlings from the sparrows. It was very complicated and took a few days to put it all together, but we did it.

You ready for this complicated, multi-step solution? Yeah? Well, we put empty flats upside-down on the seedlings.

See? I told you. High-tech fancy plants, that’s us.

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Happy Eating!


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