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Hints of fall

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Hurray for cooler weather!

Now that the nights (and days) have cooled off, the broccoli and cauliflower seedlings are feeling happier and will start to put on some good growth. True to their cool-weather-loving selves, the seedlings stalled their growing for several weeks, just waiting for that icky hot stuff to go away.

So next week the seedlings get to graduate and be planted in the field. Farmer Matt got it tilled this week. Can you tell it’s going in the field where the garlic was? Guess a few bulbs got missed during harvest….

We’re busy starting other fall crops too: mustard, mizuna, chard, kale, collards, the list goes on. Farmer Matt seeded some radishes and turnips last Saturday and they were up by Tuesday!

We’re not only planting fall crops right now, but we’re also harvesting some! No joke, pumpkin and winter squash picking has started.

Some seasonal inspiration:

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