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You ever have company (or a boss) make “suggestions” that you really want to roll your eyes at? We’ve been busy all week getting ready for one of the many different inspections we have every year. This week was the growing and harvesting inspection. Fortunately, we follow the rules and recommendations, but we always feel compelled to make sure everything is extra spick and span just the same. And it’s nerve-racking wondering if there’s a rule we don’t know about that we’re supposed to be following. This time around there was talk of needing to install a wash station to wash equipment… equipment that we don’t own or plan on owning…. The inspector decided to think on that and will let us know next time if we do need to install that (useless) wash station. But, we passed, no problem. So, now that’s done and now we can get back to normal growing.

It’s looking like tomatoes will be reaching one of their peaks this week. One patch of tomatoes is starting to wane and the new patch isn’t ready yet. So if you would like some extra tomatoes, next week is a good week to do it. We likely won’t have extras available again for a few weeks. $12.50 for 5 lbs or $39 for a half bushel; slicing AND plum tomatoes available. Add to your share or buy in store.

We grow a lot of basil (a lot a lot). Most of it is the classic sweet basil. But we do have some purple, citrus (pictured below), and Thai basil as well. While you can use all the basils interchangeably, I think the Thai and citrus basils are oh so good in dressings, stir-fries, and mixed into salads. Try chopping some up and making a compound butter for your corn on the cob too. If you’re not sure what kind of basil you have, just give it a smell and a taste. Your taste buds will guide you on what to do with it.

The Rudbeckia (middle picture below) has decided that the last half of July is THEIR time and we are awash in all their pretty yellow blossoms. For the next two weeks, for every bunch of Rudbeckia you buy, we will give a bunch to someone in a flower desert, such as a resident of Hope House or a patient of Westside Family Health. Add to your share, or buy in-store. The resident Flower Lady (aka, my Grandmom, Ms. Elaine), will be putting these bunches together.

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