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Prepped for the cold

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The crew worked hard this week to make sure the more-tender perennials were squared away for this lovely (sarcasm) cold spell.

Some dahlias were dug up to be replanted in the spring while others have a heaping pile of leaves over them. Both overwintering in the ground and not in the ground have their own pitfalls. So by doing both, if one method fails, we’ll still be okay (for example, one year there was an unknown drip on the dug-up dahlias. Oops. Those tubers didn’t make it that year).

I struggled with taking a picture of the leaves, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s a couple of feet high.

The fig trees are also all tucked up.

They got a layer of leaves like the dahlias… as well as row cover tucked in and around each tree AND plastic put overtop the tunnel.

So those trees are a-okay.

You’ll notice in the picture that the trees are all short. That’s because we prune them down to fit under said row cover and plastic.

But never fear, those cuttings get put to good use!

Believe it or not, these sticks in the dirt will be little fig trees next year and growing their own figs within 2 years!

The herb tunnel even got new plastic. No new door… but fortunately a layer of plastic over top, even with the ends open, provides a lot of protection. A door will happen at some point.

(We actually do have the new door, it just has to be put on. Details.)

The soil stays a few degrees warmer, the air is a few degrees warmer, and there’s no wind to dry the plants out.

For your tender perennial herbs like lavender and rosemary, that can be all the extra protection that they need to get through the winter.

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Open Tue-Fri 9-6, Sat 9-5. 

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