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…and planning for the future

This post may contain affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but if you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission.

Are you loving this cooler weather? I sure am, but our heat loving tomatoes miss the warmth at night. Fortunately, they are cozy in the high tunnels. And while they may have slowed down a bit, we will have tomatoes until the first frost.

Speaking of high tunnels, our new one is going up! We put its construction on hold during the heat of the summer, but now we’re ready to get back to it. Because space is at a premium, we did plant “in” it this summer. Any radishes you got last week were from that “field.” (the picture is from last month, I don’t have a more recent picture that shows both the radishes and the tunnel sides)

Lettuce of all varieties will be planted and harvested this winter. Greens are wonderful in that they don’t need too much supplemental heat in the high tunnel, helping to keep the heating bill down. And then come March 1st it will be chock full of little tomato plants so we can hopefully start picking in May! Yes, we already have plans for what is happening 8 months from now!

A note from The Flower Lady (aka Miss Elaine):

I remember my mother making flower arrangements to sell in the barn. She had a knack for putting flowers together that people just loved. Sometimes she stopped to create a painting of the flowers first. Although my mother has been gone for many years, we have some of the perennials she planted that remind us of her when they bloom every year.

For the next two weeks: 5 lbs of apple seconds for $5. Available in-store. Growing up, my Grandmother would have baked apples all winter long. Her mother would core them and put raisins or brown sugar down the center and bake until soft – in a wood-fired stove I might add! Even when the apples got a bit weathered and spotty, they could still be used for baked apples. Apple crumbles and applesauce were also made, but baked apples were the family favorite.

Peaches will also be $1/lb next week only. Late season peaches don’t get soft like their early/mid season counterparts, so these should be used for cooking only. Pie, bread, cake, grilled, etc. Available in-store.

Pumpkins are rolling in. Including some large heirloom pumpkins! The pictures really don’t do them justice, but moving them around yesterday sure made me grateful I’m not the person who has to pick them…. More will be coming, but if you want to get a start on your fall decorations, we definitely have pumpkins in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. (the ones on the right are little; I’d be willing to pick those)

Some seasonal inspiration:

Waldorf Salad

Roasted Sweet Potato and Kale Salad

Squash and Black-Eyed Pea Coconut Curry

Pasta with Sausage and Peppers

Baked Apples

Happy Eating!


PS: Thanksgiving is coming up; I’ll have ordering information for turkeys and pies in early October. So start thinking about what you want to eat and with whom.

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