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Looky looky! My sunflowers are starting!

If you don’t know the story (I think I’ve only told it like 3 times this year), I started sunflowers for me to plant in my garden. I started them early because I fully expected them to die off. Cause that’s usually how it goes with me. But then they grew!

Fortunately, I could get them planted here (with only a few dubious looks). And now we have sunflowers in May. Yay!

Sunflowers aren’t the only things growing, we’ve also got STICKS! Eeeek.

Now, they are not the instant-gratification kinds of sticks that you can wave around and poke things with (never poking an animal of course). They are the wait-and-see-and-eat-off-of-later sticks.

We’re putting in a new patch of red and black raspberries (pictured below). We also put in more persimmons. AND there are more pawpaws to plant too!

We debated long and hard this spring on whether we should take out the apricot trees. Last year was the first year in a long while that we got a decent crop. The trees just bloom with frost usually.

Ruth ultimately sided with the apricots. And they must have had a good heart-to-heart talk because the apricots did their part and have a good amount of fruit on them now. Go Ruth!

Also, look at this cosmos almost ready to bloom! I’m hoping it’s one of the chocolate varieties I planted. ‘Cause chocolate is cool and cosmos flowers are cool, so a chocolate cosmos is doubly cool. Because… math. And I say so.

The cosmos were also part of my unintentional contribution to the farm’s flowers 🙂

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Fierce: Women of West Chester Walking Tour. May 12. Chester County Historic Center.

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Happy Eating!


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