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I am not a kale person.

If it’s hidden with lots of flavors in a soup or something, fine, I’ll eat it. Just don’t tell me what I’m eating.

But cooked on its own, or worse, raw? Nuh-uh. Double it and give it to the next person.

A lacinato kale is trying to pass itself off as a lettuce in the hydro house. And I am not falling for it. I see it for what it is: Not Lettuce.

We don’t usually grow kale (or chard or dandelion or sorrel) in the hydro-house. They all do best when cut as baby greens when grown hydroponically, and we like big-kid greens here.

Plus the kale grows great in the tunnels and outside.

The kale in one of the tunnels were just stripped down to their birthday suits this past week. It is very cool to see that bare stalk leaf back up in just a few days.

The kale on the right was stripped a week ago and the kale on the left was stripped yesterday

Speaking of amazing growing skills. Everyone, and I mean everyone, says don’t plant mint in the ground because it’ll spread. (This is not like the primrose thing – I believe it spreads. If you don’t want a mint-filled yard, plant it in a pot).

But I planted mint in my yard because I wanted it to spread.

Did it spread? No.

Did it grow? Also no.

Did it even live? Hard no. 

Fortunately, I’m not in charge of the mint patch at the farm, and that is growing beautifully.

Some seasonal inspiration:

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 Fennel Frond Orzo 

 Marinated Grilled Apples with Mint 

 Frozen Mint Lemonade 

Happy Eating!


PS: keep your fingers and toes (but not legs – that’d be weird) crossed that strawberries will start in 3 weeks

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