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Strawberries are just starting and it is so awesome! By early Spring you’re eating California strawberries knowing they’re not as good. But then you have a local strawberry, and you just wonder how you managed to eat the California ones.

Strawberry season is very weather-dependent. If it’s hot or cold or rainy, the strawberries will finish up in a hip and a hurry. We hope to have them the rest of May. But, since this Spring has been the poster child for INconsistent, I recommend gorging yourself (er, daintily eating as many as you can) earlier rather than later.

My Grandmother got the urge to do some planting so she’s been helping us stay on track with the seeding this Spring. At 95 years young, we bring the dirt and seeds to her. But are you really a farm lady if you don’t start seeds in your kitchen?

She still has the magic touch though! No seed failures for her.

The okra has popped up beautifully (we’re hoping to really ramp up how much okra we have this year). The zinnias, cosmos, (more) sunflowers, strawflowers, and patty pan squash aren’t far behind either.

Having my Grandmother start seeds requires a bit of planning and help on our part. But she is soooo happy to play in the dirt. And we need those seeds started. So it’s a win all around. I encourage you to help a former avid gardener get their hands dirty. If you set it up right, they may even grow out seedlings for you!

Every time I see the cabbage growing, it makes me think of Cabbage Patch Dolls. I remember playing with mine many many years ago. Alas, we played in a house, and not a cabbage patch. But seeing a cabbage patch still makes me think of her. (Her name was Mary… as were most of my dolls and stuffed animals…)

Events I Think Sound Cool

Highlights Tour: Peonies. May 16. Scott Arboretum.

Fair Hill Scottish Games. May 18. Fair Hills Fairground.

A Day in Old New Castle. May 18. New Castle.

Happy Eating!


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