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The first of the tomato seedlings have graduated from the germination house into their growing house.

They’ll hang out in the packs for a couple weeks getting acclimated to the new environment while we harvest what’s in “their” spot (salad turnips), put compost down, put stakes in, etc.

But by the end of the month, we’ll have tomato plants in the ground.

Salad turnips holding the tomato plants’ spot in line

We were a little short on cilantro last week. It happens, we misplan. Whatever.

Walking by this row, I say to myself, “well why didn’t we cut this for the cilantro?”

Because it’s parsley. Not cilantro.

SMH. At least my tastebuds know the difference.

Watermelon syrup.

(I promise, I can make it relevant to February)

I was looking up trees you can tap for syrup – because when is a better time to decide which trees to tap than winter when there are no leaves on the trees and the sap is already flowing? Not summer. That’d be silly – and I found this article that talks about making watermelon syrup.

I have never heard of watermelon syrup. Have you?

It sounds good. But also, like, what a perfect way to use up leftover watermelon after a party. You’re staring at a bin of watermelon and you just don’t feel like eating it morning, noon, and night (with all the other leftovers), or figuring out how to fit it in your fridge: just mush it down, cook, and make syrup!

Picture of the black walnut tree I’m tapping on the farm as proof of my current sappiness. First time trying that. I’ve done maple trees at my house before but I’m branching out (ha ha, tree joke, get it?) this year.

Also, you will be happy to know, I followed up with the herb house door, and while it was still a bit recalcitrant, I did not have to bring out any threats of tattling to get it to open for me. So, progress!

Events I Think Sound Cool

Fiberway 101 (wool picking/carding/combing/etc). February 13. Greenbank Mills & Phillips Farm.

Paper Marbling Workshop. February 25. Media Arts Council.

Blacksmithing Workshop. March 2 & 3. The Delaware Contemporary.

Seasonal Inspiration

Apple Potato Salad

Mustard Roasted Turnips

Kanda Bhaji (onion fritters)

Roasted Onions From 1808

Spanakopita Puff Pastry Swirls

Homemade Spinach Pasta

Happy Eating!


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