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The tomatoes are starting to express themselves! Woop woop! The goal was June 1st and we are meeting that goal, right on the blossom. Go us, go us.

I love how ageratum fakes you out. When the buds are all tight, it makes you think it’s going to be a deep pink flower. And then bam! It’s purple. Completely purple, no hints of pink.

You can’t see it, but you can just feel the smirk from the flowers for tricking you.

And forget a Magic Carpet or Falcon 9 Rocket. Those are so… normal. No, what you need – and any self-respecting child will agree – is a wagon. Wagons are the best method of transportation when you need to go anywhere… or even nowhere. We have taken the standard exceptional wagon… and raised it πŸ˜‰

Now, I don’t know why – or how – we have an elevated wagon. Sometimes you just have to embrace the genius (and absurdity) and roll with it!

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Happy Eating!


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