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Zesty Homemade Refrigerator Pickles

Take advantage of your bumper crops of cucumbers and make refrigerator pickles! No canning equipment required! 


Zesty Fridge Pickles


1 lb. Kirby or Persian cucumbers
2 large cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper
3 large sprigs fresh dill
1 teaspoon coriander seeds
2 teaspoons whole black peppercorns
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1 c. water
1 tbsp. kosher salt
3/4 c. white vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar



  1. Trim the ends from cucumbers and then cut them into slices ¼’ to a ½” thick or into spears. Place cucumbers into a glass mason jar or old pickle jar along with coriander seeds, garlic, peppercorns, crushed red pepper, mustard seeds and dill.
  2. Make your brine: in a small saucepan, combine water, sugar, vinegar, and salt. Bring to a boil and stir until ingredients are completely dissolved, remove from heat and let cool slightly. Pour over cucumbers, place lid on tightly, and shake to mix ingredients well. Allow to cool completely on the counter, then refrigerate. The longer the pickles have to marinate, the better they will be. Consume within a month.


Chef David Lattomus

Dave Lattomus is a classically trained Chef with over 20 years of experience. Dave served as the executive sous chef for the Hotel duPont for over 10 years (a lifetime in the restaurant world!) before transitioning to focus more on teaching and catering. 

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