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June is a wild month—it seems like everything is ready all at once. We are still picking strawberries in the beginning of the month and we have sweet corn and peaches by the end!  We have lots of crops planted in the fields while we still harvest every day in the tunnels. Field harvests have started and then we are harvesting everywhere!

Our short-term planning is geared toward the heat-loving plants like raspberries, tomatoes, and peppers. In the immediate future is the new tunnel which will go up in July. Our staff have planned out what will be planted in there already! They are very excited for the additional space. Our long-range planning has our sights on what will happen for fall and winter. 


Our day-to-day plans are keeping up with the pace of harvest!   Some crops need twice a day attention, while most are good with daily harvests. If you grow zucchini yourself, you know how a squash can go from a fine size to baseball bat size in less than a day! When it gets hot, monitoring the fields is essential.


It is exciting to look back and see how much we have accomplished. Have you noticed the new gooseberry patch to the right of the driveway as you exit the farm? This will increase our crop dramatically next year. The new fruit trees are growing well. Where the old trees were, which came out this past winter, is the location for our spring cauliflower and broccoli.


And have you seen the gorgeous flowers? Our new Flower Subscription is going great, plus extra bouquets are for sale in the farm market. From tulips to peonies to zinnias, there is a great variety of cut flowers growing right here.

The perennials, annual flower packs, herbs, and vegetable plants seem ready to take over the farm this year. There are more plants than ever available for you to choose. Have you seen the 4-Season combination planters? These are exciting! We think everyone should have a garden experience!


It’s a great time of year to eat fresh! Come see us at the farm market or sign up for a CSA to eat fresh, eat local, eat well. Growing beyond expectations since 1832.


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