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If it’s July, it must be hot! Think of all the wonderful food that hot weather brings—tomatoes, peaches, corn, blueberries, watermelons, and more! So many good things to eat in the summer—I love the variety that we can grow.

Every day is filled with the bounty of summer. What a great time to eat fresh! I hope you are filling up on the great fruits and vegetables that are here.


In addition to all of the harvesting—every day, all day—we have been working on our new tunnel so that it is ready for fall planting. A lot of what we do requires planning months or years in advance, so it is always a good time when things come together as they should. I dreamed of this tunnel over a year ago, and now here it is. There are not enough “thank yous” to express how much I appreciate the work from all of our great staff members to make this happen!


This year has seen a seamless transition from early tomatoes in the high tunnel—and still producing—to field grown tomatoes. The demand for these flavor-packed tomatoes grows every year as people re-discover the joy of delicious food.

Lots of squash, cucumbers, beans, peppers, blueberries, plus of course, our favorite peaches and sweet corn make menu planning easy. When you start with fresh ingredients, your dinner can be spectacular!


Our cutting flowers are rather extravagant right now, with lots of varieties loving the long days and hot temperatures. Bouquets are cheering people up all over the region.

Now is the time to make your pickles, freeze some blueberries or peaches, or make your spaghetti sauce for the winter. The 20-pound boxes of blueberries are only here for a few weeks! Bringing that terrific summer flavor out for a meal in January is a great way to brighten the winter.


Blueberries are super easy to freeze. Place on a plate, freeze, then secure in a freezer-proof bag. This way, the berries are not stuck to each other, and it’s easy to pull out what you want for your smoothie or fruit bread or pie.

Need more fresh food? We harvest every day. Come see us at the farm market to eat fresh, eat local, eat well. Growing beyond expectations since 1832.


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