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 “Horticulturally, the month of May is opening night, Homecoming, and Graduation Day all rolled into one.” —Tam Mossman

Every year is different, and isn’t that a good thing? Most of us do not care to repeat 2020! 

This year, May has been beautiful day after day, with no rain for weeks! Makes me glad we have irrigation available. Strawberries started May 8, and they have continued in good form since then. The dry, and now hot and dry, weather makes for sweet and super delicious berries. So far, no one has ever complained of having too many strawberries or that the season is too long. Now we cross our fingers and hope that we do not have a thunderstorm or several hot days in a row—those events will bring strawberry season to a quick end.

Strawberries in brown cardboard quart boxes

In the meantime, we have finished up the cool weather crops, like peas and lettuce in the tunnels, and have begun harvest outside for lettuce, broccoli rabe, fava beans, and other crops. Starting to harvest cucumbers and zucchini always makes me feel that summer is almost here. 

Early tomatoes are almost…. Almost… I think a watched tomato does not ripen! These extra hot days may ripen them quickly!

We watch the rhubarb and asparagus carefully to see when the plants are done for the year. Did you know? Harvesting too long into the summer will stress the plants and reduce next year’s harvest.

This year, the peonies are abundant and gorgeous. Some of these plants are nearly at the century mark—I find it wonderful that the plants are still here. Every year, I think that I will extend the season by cutting them at an early stage of opening, but people buy them quickly and then they are gone. Another season that is never too long!

May is the month of planting, for all of you as well as for us. We transplanted lots of seedlings into pots for the market, and everyone was happy to see herbs and flowers for their gardens. The new display area made seeing and finding plants a little bit easier. So many wonderful flowers from which to choose!

And here we are, almost into June. As we juggle what we harvest now, with what is coming up soon, with what needs to be planted, with what we plan for next winter’s crops, we are grateful for your enthusiasm for eating fresh, clean, delicious vegetables and fruits. Thank you for your support of our family farm!

Oh, and raspberries will be ripening soon. 

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