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Forget the groundhog (sorry Punxsutawney Phil), the Bay plants say it’s Spring. They have put on a great big burst of new growth this week.

Also, the weather forecast says we’re staying above 32 for the next month.

So with the bay leaf plants and the weather app in agreement, I conclude that Spring has officially sprung. I mean, it’s not like plants or weather apps are ever wrong about future weather, right?

The bright green is the new growth

I love looking at the ranunculus. It’s like trying to guess what a toddler is dressed up as. You’re never quite sure what the correct answer is.

“Are you a peony?”

“No? Hmmm, a poppy?”

“Still no?

I got it! A rose!”

Turns out it’s ranunculus. Which I can’t spell and the toddler can’t say. So….

We planted the new honeyberries and a few are even blooming! It won’t be much of a crop this year, but we should be able to taste them and make sure Matt picked good varieties. He did a lot of research, but you really don’t know until the harvest if it was a good pick. There have been many a variety of fruits and vegetables that have been touted as “great” that we have found… not.

We’re super excited about the honeyberries because they will come before strawberries! Which means fewer apples! Personally, by spring, I am over apples. So having a blueberryesque treat to mix fruit up in April will be nice.

Plus their flowers are cool looking. Cool-looking flowers is always a legitimate reason to plant something

And totally random and unrelated to anything, I thought this little pool of water on the cabbage leaves this morning looked so cool. It looks like it’s ice, but it’s not (I double checked, cause you never know what the weather is going to do and when the heaters are going to die).

Events I Think Sound Cool

Intro to Curling. April 3. Diamond State Curling Club.

Adventures in Reconstructing a 1739 Kitchen. April 4. Chadds Ford Historical Society. (Encounter the kitchen at Newlin Grist Mill on other dates).

Farm to Table: Highland Orchards’ Impact on the Local Community. April 10. Newark Union Church.

Pet CPR & First Aid Certification. April 20. Grace Episcopal Church.

Seasonal Inspiration

Wilted Lettuce with Warm Bacon Dressing

Jerk Spiced Shrimp Tacos

Swiss Chard with Feta

Fried Green Meatless Balls

Potato Cakes

Braised Red Cabbage with Apples and Onions

Happy Eating!


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