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We’re cleaning up the plant display area since we don’t have plants to display. It looked kinda barren and dreary being empty though, so we decided to bring out the tricycle tractor. We don’t use it for farm work (just like kids’ trikes, tractor trikes are not the most stable), but it sure is cool looking.

Ruth does want to have some pansy plants this winter, so it might get a little more colorful in the dark of January!

Those are some BIG wheels

With Thanksgiving next week, that means Christmas is coming. So we’re starting to get in some swags and wreaths and some-other-shape-of-decorative-greenery-that-I-don’t-know-the-name-of. I am not a wreath person because you have to put them up and then take them down… and I don’t do things like that. (I once decorated the inside of my house for Halloween; my house was Halloween-themed year-round for 3 years). But it sure is nice to look at what other people put up.

We’ve got a volunteer bay leaf plant growing in with the lisianthus right now. It’s actually very fitting as it’s in the same tunnel as all the other perennials.

We would have picked a spot a little less in the middle of the tunnel and not in the middle of the lisianthus. But we appreciate the bay leaf’s initiative and overall taking it as a win.

The eucalyptus and lemongrass are looking great down at the other end of the same tunnel.

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