This post may contain affiliate links. Probably doesn’t, but it might. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but if you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission.

This post may contain affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but if you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission.

Figs, figs, oh glorious figs.

I feel like figs are another peacock: we have them because my Grandmother wanted them. And just like the peacock, people aren’t complaining that we have figs.

In the late ’70s she found a classified ad (in a print newspaper!) for fig trees. $5 for a young sprout, maybe a year old.

With paper map in hand, she and Matt navigated Wilmington to the gentleman’s house, chose and dug a sprout up, and brought it back. And that was our first fig tree. A variety called Celeste.

We still have that tree too! If you shop in the barn, you’ll see the fig tree on the other side of the driveway from the barn (the big bush looking thing that tends to overreach its space).

We’ve since expanded our fig tree numbers. 14? 15? Fig tree will send up suckers, making a colony. So it’s hard to determine the original numbers. Plus, I don’t have sandals on today so I can’t use my toes to count 😉

Fall is for Figs and boy are they starting to come on like gangbusters right now – just in time for the rain next week…sigh. Our crew is so on top of fig picking that I have to coordinate with them in order to get pictures of ripe figs on the trees! (If you have your own fig tree and need some help knowing when to pick the deliciousness, check out the post on the website that Ruth did)

Our first planting for fall cauliflower is coming along nicely. There are even a couple overachievers that have great big beautiful heads. I’m so excited. Cauliflower is definitely up there with lima beans as a favorite vegetable of mine.

And just to remind you that fall is upon us, the persimmons are starting to blush.

Some seasonal inspiration:

Fresh Corn Salad

Roasted Potatoes and Tomatoes

Vegan Stuffed Kabocha Squash

Fig Caramelized Onion Pizza

Apple Cinnamon Quick Bread

Happy eating!


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