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I was walking around this morning, minding the plants’ business when I decided to pop into the herb house and just see how it was going. I wasn’t really even planning on taking any pictures.

Well. Let me tell you, the door to the herb house said, “Not today lady!”

Yeah… that didn’t go over well with me. I pulled, I pushed, I lifted, I jiggled, I glared. And nothing. That door was holding firm.

Finally, I pulled out my phone to take a video so I could tattle about the door misbehaving. And that did the trick. Threats of tattling almost always do.

And just because I worked so hard to get in, I spent a long time taking pictures.

So here are some not-so-exciting pictures because I have to prove to that door that I needed to get in there.

Said misbehaving door looking all innocent and cooperative. DO NOT TRUST IT.

The oregano demonstrates why I wasn’t planning on taking any pictures – it’s fairly normal-looking. Nice and healthy and everything, but not super exciting.

The rosemary is a little more weird, but still falls within normal for rosemary. So if it’s normal for rosemary, does it count as weird? Weird is in the eye of the beholder after all.

Yes, there are flowers on the rosemary in February. But then again, rosemary is always throwing out a couple flowers, no matter the time of year. So flowers in February isn’t that unexpected.

And that kind of rounds out the fun stuff in the herb house. We’ve got a bunch of potted plants overwintering in there. But dead-looking plants aren’t very inspiring. And look worse in pictures than in real-life.

Following the dead theme, the lavender looked kinda pathetic too. We definitely had a few plants die this winter. And they were interspersed with the still-living plants, giving the lavender an… uninspiring look.

There were a few forgotten? volunteer? scallions looking all big and tough. I thought they might’ve bulbed up a bit but nope; completely straight stalk down to the roots.

Doesn’t it look like there should be an onion bulb under there? But nope, just like the door, the tops are deceiving.

*Scene change. Now in a heated tunnel.*

Looky looky, I found the first tulip bud! It looks like the plan to have tulips for Valentine’s Day will come to fruition. You know what, they’re flowers, not fruits, so… bloomition? Yeah. The plan will come to bloomition.

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