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So I was looking for ideas on what to write in this week’s email. Cause sometimes it just seems like there is nothing new and I don’t want to repeat myself.

Are we still growing stuff? Yes. Of course.

But you don’t need a rundown of each and every crop that’s planted.

broccoli raab seedlings

Are we still experimenting? Yes. And usually we’re experimenting on purpose rather than by accident.

Trying kohlrabi in the hydrohouse

Is it still cold out? Yes. And unfortunately, it was cold in one of the tunnels because that heater stopped working. Gah.

So, apart from the tomatoes and green beans calling it kaput in the failed heater house, everything seems pretty much the same today. My lack of inspiration reminded Matt of a story though.

About 30 years ago, Matt’s dad, Jack, took a couple of the grandkids (about age 4/5) with him to go see another farm about an hour away. When they get back, Jack gets out of the car and looks Matt right in the eye and says, “sick raccoon.” And then proceeds to unload. Turns out, they sang “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” the whole way there and the whole way back. And by the end of the trip, Old MacDonald had a sick raccoon on his farm.

It’s probably not a compliment that I brought to mind a songed-out adult with 2 youngsters committed to one song, and one song only. But we got a fun story, so I’m calling it a win.

Said youngsters filling up MacDonald’s farm with an array of animals

Talleyville Fire Company’s Santa Schedule is Out!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re new to it 1) I feel sorry for you, and 2) Santa and Mrs. Claus travel around on a firetruck (with a couple more trucks as escorts) through neighborhoods. Theoretically, it’s for kids to wave at Mr. and Mrs. Clause and the trucks, but I will tell you I bolt to the door to watch them go by and it has been a long long time since I qualified for the kids meal.

Seasonal Inspiration

Happy Eating!


PS: I know Thanksgiving just happened, but Christmas is exactly one month away. If you want to order a turkey, duck, goose, or pie, you need to do so by December 14th. Pick up at the farm Thursday-Saturday 12/21-12/23.

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