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persimmons and sunflowers

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The sentence that comes to mind when I look at this tree is “Sometimes we are a little crooked.” But as a stickler for the rules, I feel like that gives the wrong impression.

My brain’s next suggestion is ” Sometimes we get bent out of shape.” I don’t know that that portrayal is any better… (although it is certainly true in this hot humid weather. I am sooooo happy we’re getting a few days cooler. And soooo ignoring the heat coming after the cool).

So. Here is a not straight up and down, 3-year-old persimmon tree with its very first crop of persimmons.

Behind and to the left of the growing-its-own-way persimmon tree are our sunflowers.

I’m the one that suggested we grow some sunflowers, so I am particularly proud of the fact that they are growing well. Like I have any control over the perfect-for-sunflowers weather we’ve had…. But whatever. I’m still taking credit for their success.

It’s crazy how much they’ve grown in 3 weeks already. Fingers crossed the weather continues to agree with them and we have a beautiful crop in another 3-ish weeks.

(pictured are the plants on 7/1 and today. Hopefully, you can figure out which is from which day…. Hint: plants get bigger as they grow.)

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Open Tue-Fri 9-6, Sat 9-5. 

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