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(This was supposed to be done in June. Oops.) 


Happy July! 


I admit, I blinked and we went from June 1 to July 1. I think it was the intensity of the hot weather for the last week of June that melted my brain.


This year, the calendar marking of summer marked the beginning of summer crops as well. We started picking tomatoes mid-June, then peppers and eggplant followed, and we were excited to have corn shortly thereafter. And then peaches! June saw the full transition from spring to summer in just a few weeks.


Strawberries graced us with their presence till June 21. A 6-week season! Longest strawberry season that we can recall in decades. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries have been abundant as well. And the flavor is outstanding this year. We hope that all the fruit continues to be superb in flavor.


Overall, the cycle of planting and harvesting continues. The new tunnel, which hosted romaine, mustard greens and scallions, has given way to plantings of tomatoes, cucumbers, and edamame beans for September harvest.


I thank you for your support of our family farm. 189 years and still growing!

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