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It’s the time of year for trees! Rosemary trees in our case because we do not do Christmas trees. We’re crazy, but not that crazy. Or at least we’re a different crazy.

Rosemary trees are awesome because you have a natural air freshener and you can channel your inner hairdresser and give them a stylish haircut whenever you need a bit of fresh rosemary.

Or you can channel your inner child and give your rosemary tree a bad haircut. When one of my uncles was 5, he cut off chunks of his little sister’s hair…. This is the same uncle who when he was 7 so annoyed a painter on a ladder that the painter dumped paint on my uncle’s head to make him go away.

I of course am an angel and would never cut someone else’s hair… just my own 😉

I feel like the fog is a little thicker a little more often than it usually is this time of year.

But out roaming the fog this morning I found a hawk on an Asian pear tree. And boy does the hawk make the pear tree look small.

(Yes, we use a pool ladder for picking – unlike regular ladders, you can actually climb up and down both sides. Major perk. Just saying).

Seasonal Inspiration

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Happy Eating!


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