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How does basil grow?
Hot, dry, and a little pampered!

  • Warm soil and warm air and lots of sun!

Basil likes it hot and hates the cold. Under 45 degrees, your basil will start to turn black. So far, we have not found an upper limit (have seen 110 degrees!).

DO NOT PUT YOUR BASIL OUTSIDE TOO EARLY IN THE SEASON. Keep it in a pot inside until it is consistently warm. In our area, zone 7b, we do not plant basil outside till after May 15.

Basil does best in full sun.

  • A little on the dry side, please!

Basil likes to dry out in between waterings. Too much water will make the stems wilt and break off.

Even in pots, basil can go several days between waterings.

  • Avoid water on the leaves

It’s hard to avoid rain getting on the leaves. If there is a rainy spell, it can be the end of your basil.

It’s one reason why we now grow basil only under cover in a tunnel. It gets hot in there, which basil loves, and we can keep the leaves dry, which basil also loves. The result is bountiful basil!

If you don’t have a handy tunnel, consider keeping your basil in pots. If a thunderstorm or prolonged rain is forecast, it’s easy to move the basil under cover.

Ready for a successful summer season with basil? Just keep cutting and enjoy your basil with lots of different recipes. Fresh basil makes any meal extra special!

We have pots of basil available in the farm market about May 1, depending on the weather.

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