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Whew, these rains and winds have been something this year, haven’t they? I hope you came through the storms okay.

We had a couple plum trees come down and a shed blow over. But they were all on the “to-take-down” list already, so they just got moved to the top.

And the plastic came off one of the tunnels. But it was an unheated, low tunnel, and there was no structural damage, so it was just the work of the afternoon to put new plastic back on.

The shallots, (pictured), garlic, and tulips seem none the worse for the unexpected downpour when the plastic blew off. I swear the shallots even grew a couple inches overnight.

There was of course all the random debris and the smaller branches and sticks to pick up.

Fortunately, we employ an excellent stick-picker-upper to help us out.

Other than that, we did pretty good. Everything in the heated tunnels came through without a scratch, puddle, or frost bite among them.

The winter spinach is looking be-utiful.

I’m totally earmarking this picture to serve as a background image somewhere.

And we’ve got lovely fields of green, and red leaf lettuce too.

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Winter Tunnel Tours. Highland Orchards. January 29.

Basket Weaving. Alapocas State Park. February 11.

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