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We’ve got a great big beautiful lemongrass plant in one corner of a high tunnel. We love it because it does great with benign neglect.

And some weeds. (remember the cardinal rule about weeds: you can mention your own weeds, but you don’t bring up someone else’s weeds)

We were discussing this week where to plant some crops (peonies, garlic, and shallots to name a few) and it was like there was an echo in the room. Every planting place suggested was shot down with “the perennial weeds are really bad there.”

And we do not like perennial weeds. We do not like them here. We do not like them there. We do not like them anywhere. We do not like perennial weeds.

We like weeding less than we like perennial weeds though (yes, I know, if we don’t weed, then we have weeds) so more strategy comes into play when picking where to grow crops with long growing seasons.

So some crops were left only semi-planned. We already have the garlic and shallot bulbs so we’ll have figure out an appropriate place for them soon….

Idea throwing and the happy lemongrass has led us to try our hand at ginger! Ginger likes it HOT and in the summer we don’t use all of our tunnel space because they get hot (and there are only so many tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant you can grow). So… fingers crossed the hot-loving ginger will like the hot tunnels.

The main problem with ginger is it takes a long time to grow. Employee-jaw-dropping-long-time (8-10 months in ideal conditions). So we’re starting a few now, hoping they’ll get established well enough this winter to take off next summer.

It’d be pretty awesome if we could supply you with fresh local ginger. Just saying.

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