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We’ve been harvesting some great big beautiful orange cauliflower. Now, the orange isn’t as good as the Song cauliflower, in my humble expert opinion. But orange definitely fits in with October’s color scheme more than the white Song cauliflower does.

I wonder if you could carve cauliflower? (“You” as in someone that is not me. I use not-sharp knives. Whoever said “sharp knives don’t cut people, dull ones do” is cra-zy. I mean, I will 100% take “Oops, did I cut myself?” over “Well crud, I’ve got to go get stitches.”) I know people used to carve turnips….

Continuing the orange theme – because I’m not sure how else to segway from cauliflower to flowers – the calendula is quite happy with this cooler weather. When it got hot this summer we just chopped the tops of the calendula plants off, leaving maybe 4 inches. (We also chopped the snapdragons down too, but they’re not orange). And as we left the hot weather behind, the calendula got their second wind.

Ooo I have another orange thing (betcha couldn’t tell that I let inspiration strike when writing these emails instead of planning them out. I mean, they are so organized and thematic all the time, right? No topic jumps at all. But really, I stroll around the farm taking pictures, then look at them, at the computer, and see what my brain says is interesting, and then try to write something intelligent-ish.)

The kiwi berries are showing their full fall glory (if you drive by on Foulk Rd, it’s the wall of yellow-orange at the top of the bank). I think that kiwi berry vines would be great for a pergola. The vines grow so thick they would create a lot of shade underneath. You get food (a non-messy food; your space will not be filled with purple bird droppings) and fall color.

I think all that and then I remember I don’t like digging holes for posts and decide I’ll just let the farm grow kiwi berries and I’ll… not.

My weekly reminder that Thanksgiving is coming

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Life in the Eastern Woodlands. Read House & Garden. November 5.

Plagues and Pestilence: A Walking Tour. West Chester. November 11.

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